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Hi! I'm Laura Murray, a licensed massage therapist with several years of experience here in Boulder County. I graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Anthropology in 1995, the Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT) in December 2000, and did continuing education in Human Performance and Sport- Adult Fitness & Exercise Science at Metro State in 2005-2006. My approach to bodywork is grounded in Integrative Massage, BCMT's signature modality, and in athletic training techniques. I believe in a 3-dimensional approach to the body, using breathwork and movement to help clients work toward wellness and relaxation. I am a labor and postpartum doula, and enjoy using bodywork for the birthing year. A roller derby official, Bikram yogi, and Reiki Master/Teacher, I believe that we are body/mind/spirit, and that working for a balance with these aspects of ourselves is key to wellness. I use bodywork as a part of taking care of myself mentally and physically, and encourage my clients to do so too.
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1294 Milo Circle APT B
Lafayette, CO 80026

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