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A float pod is a unique environment designed to limit the stimulation of our nervous system. Such an environment naturally interrupts the body's internal response to stress, diverting its energy instead towards healing. The result is a powerful release of neurotransmitters creating a deep, meditative experience of peace and rejuvenation. When floating, the weight of the body pulls apart, relaxing into a gentle full body stretch unique to each individual. The body re-educates the muscles to overwrite old tension, interrupting the cyclical patterns which create knots and discomfort in the first place just like massage. Float therapy is a powerful tool for relaxation, healing, pain-relief, sleep improvement, and overall wellness. As with any therapy, benefits are enhanced with regular practice. Stress, tension and pain often accumulate gradually over time, and likewise, take time to relieve. Though true flotation therapy is effortless for our bodies, our minds must actually learn to be still, relax and allow the release of muscle tension, beneficial hormones and the neurotransmitters responsible for self-healing. For these reasons, we encourage guests to return to float more than once. It is a commonly reported that the experience of relaxation deepens and intensifies over time especially during the first 2-3 sessions.
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6055 Meridian Ave, Suite 110
San Jose, CA 95120

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