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Since 2007, our mission has been to preserve the culinary history and heritage of the country, one city at a time. Our preservation efforts have brought us from the east coast to Indianapolis, birthplace of founder Jeff Swedarsky.

Food Tour Corporation has worked to develop a product that benefits the customers, the restaurants, and each city simultaneously. In order to make sure that happens, our Food Tours are created to be a striking harmony of a neighborhood's local cuisine, history, and architecture. The food we serve accurately reflects both the people and history of each neighborhood as much as possible. Since the right combination is not easily achieved, we work to carefully develop each Food Tour in order to ensure the creation of a true culinary experience. The dishes you will be served on our food tours are offered in a logical manor, layering flavors, textures, and tastes throughout the food tours. Our Food Tours celebrate the fine things in life, and are created for people who want to experience things whenever possible.

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Tasty Indy Food Tours
Indianapolis, IN Tasty Indy Food Tours

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